Introducing Anastasia!

Anastasia is brand new, spunky, and full of sex appeal. She is a tgirl that I think will light a fire in the hearts of many. Anastasia is a small town Canadian girl that we got in touch with through a social network type site. She heard legends circulating about the Dong that lives beyond the far sea past the fields and woods. Anastasia likes sandwiches, drinking, and smoking cigarettes. Her fashion sense is very keen for someone from the middle of nowhere, which impressed me. Anastasia loved being in front of my camera naked and got comfortable fast. We’ll have her in for more work very soon!

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One thought on “Introducing Anastasia!

  1. Wow…! Beautiful face, the sexiest complexion and figure, and is the most exotic Goddess when getting fucked! Love her…absolutely can NOT wait until she comes out with more pictures and more videos!

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