Gothic Jenny!

Jenny5.tgc .kd .aj008 300x585 Gothic Jenny! Jenny5.tgc .kd .aj030 300x565 Gothic Jenny!
This brunette babe decided to jump into the adult industry last summer and had her first experience with modelling exclusively on CanadaTgirl. A natural masturbator, Jenny tells me she loves to stroke her shenis more than anything in the world. Even I was impressed with her stroking abilities and powerful orgasms.
Jenny5.tgc .kd .aj064 300x185 Gothic Jenny!
We see Jenny pictured here in a gothic lingerie set, complete with sexy high heels. She spreads for us in closeup, and we see how aroused and hard she gets also. As she teases herself in front of my wide open 20th floor window, I catch more than one Peeping Tom creeping a view from across the street.

Jenny5.tgc .kd .aj059 300x450 Gothic Jenny! Jenny5.tgc .kd .aj082 300x600 Gothic Jenny!

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