Casey Lay

Casey Lay is a very special girl that we found on a dating website. She is very soft spoken, quiet, and generally out of the adult industry with the exception of some shoots for us. Casey is off the radar entirely as she doesn’t escort. She lives in the middle of nowhere in rural Ontario, and it is impossible to get in touch with her because has no Internet access or phone. I sent her a letter via regular mail asking her to come in for a photoshoot at some point this year. A few weeks later, a response came.I took the iberty of inviting Casey at which point she appeared promptly within a matter of 3-4 days. It was a pleasant surprise at 12:50 in the afternoon on a Tuesday that I was battling food poisoning from bad kebab I ate.

Casey Lay doesn’t really know much in terms of fashion or designers. If I had to guess I would say her favorite brands are Quiksilver and DC. She has a punky and rocker type style and I find it very unqiure. She doesn’t really have any hobbies other than partying with her friends and hanging out in the countryside. I find this understandable.

Casey does not escort, is not found anywhere else on the web, or anywhere online at all. She is literally one of those girls I dug up out of nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “Casey Lay

  1. I saw him last year and was not impressed with bj. no care or interest whatsoever. she looks 5/10 and shepee is 4” ff. wish I spent 300 elsewhere.

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