Succulent Samantha

Samantha5.tgc.kd.aj009 Samantha5.tgc.kd.aj032Samantha5.tgc.kd.aj062 Samantha5.tgc.kd.aj075
Sexy Samantha is everyone’s favorite new blonde and for good reason. She is an absolute unicorn and we can’t get enough of her sweet ass. She turned down doing any hardcores for the time being so this is the best we could do. A rubber cock for Samantha to ride and plow her own ass with. Don’t you love how she impales herself up and down on that rubber phallace? A CANTG exclusive!

Assalicious Anastasia

Anastasia14.tgc.kd.aj004 Anastasia14.tgc.kd.aj076 Anastasia14.tgc.kd.aj068 Anastasia14.tgc.kd.aj053
Anastasia is in the bathroom for today’s solo update on CANTG. She takes off her outfit and strokes her hard love tool in the warm water. Rubbing her gorgeous loins with delight as she prepares to eject a load. Pop goes the jizz and Anastasia has a great natural orgasm right on camera. Still one of the most popular models exclusively on CANTG.

Tropicana the Trantastic

Tropicana13.tgc.kd.aj008 Tropicana13.tgc.kd.aj081 Tropicana13.tgc.kd.aj093 Tropicana13.tgc.kd.aj071
Tropicana wears some sexy flannel and daisy dukes for this cute solo shoot. She starts off by covering herself in some baby oils. Stripping down completely naked she strokes her cock on my big chair. In order to impress us, she winks her asshole. Another gorgeous blonde beauty back for some solo action from Calgary, Alberta.

Denni the Magnificent

Denni is wearing a sexy pink clubbing dress and relaxing for the afternoon. We chat her up and get the Canadian beauty to open up her legs. She shows us her surprise and slowly gets undressed. Teasing us along the way, Denni places a dildo in her ass and begins penetration. We finish her off with a larger dildo and I made sure she really got a good plugging. Gotta love how enthusiastic Denni is about getting fucked up the ass. What an enjoyable young lady.
 Denni11.tgc.kd.aj011 Denni11.tgc.kd.aj043 Denni11.tgc.kd.aj076 Denni11.tgc.kd.aj104

Happy Swalloween!

BlairRyderHC4.tgc.kd.aj003 BlairRyderHC4.tgc.kd.aj048 BlairRyderHC4.tgc.kd.aj016 BlairRyderHC4.tgc.kd.aj088
Blair Ryder is lusting for hard cock in this sinful update in time for Halloween on CANTG. Splendid young hot tot Blair displays her feminine soft body and hard cock before succumbing to a facefucking Ray Bans. Quick work is made of her ass and she is made to take the cock well. Blair is a horny girl and that makes her a great performer. She genuinely loves to fuck and suck a cock. Enjoy this cumguzzling Halloween update from CANTG.

Misty Skylar’s Luscious ASS

MistySkylar8.tgc.kd.aj010 MistySkylar8.tgc.kd.aj052 MistySkylar8.tgc.kd.aj089 MistySkylar8.tgc.kd.aj107

Misty has a a sexy titless teddy on for this seductive bedroom solo. Misty looks right at home in this type of setting with her warm bedroom eyes and accommodating ass. She gets rock hard before we even start shooting, and I love that about Misty. A very kinky girl – she toys her ass after plugging herself up with my biggest butt plug. You can see the satisfaction on her fact as she strokes herself to orgasm. Misty is a natural performer.

Samantha the Sexy

Samantha3.tgc.kd.aj007 Samantha3.tgc.kd.aj044 Samantha3.tgc.kd.aj066 Samantha3.tgc.kd.aj081
Samantha has a cute blue dress and sexy black thigh highs on for this adorable dildo solo. Already feeling more comfortable on set Samantha is all smiles and gets hard with more ease this time around. Stroking her shenis for a little while is fun, but the real pleasure for this beauty comes from anal play. It’s really a great show watching this girl toy her ass with the big dildo. She had a bit of trouble getting in there at first because it was painful but after some effort it went in. Enjoy this great solo from an exciting new model from Montreal, QC.

Gazing at Anastasia

Anastasia13.tgc.kd.aj013 Anastasia13.tgc.kd.aj060 Anastasia13.tgc.kd.aj093 Anastasia13.tgc.kd.aj098

Anastasia wears some really awesome ripped stockings and thigh high boots for this afternoon shoot. Her dark hair and makeup are a perfect match to her leathery outfit and trademark black nails. She presents her ass before plugging it up with a big ass toy. Anastasia confesses it’s the largest butt plug she’s ever attempted. Stroking herself gently she toys her ass and moans. You can tell her ass is tight like an 18 year old stripper when she pulls out that plug.

A Jay named Tropicana

Tropicana12.tgc.kd.aj001 Tropicana12.tgc.kd.aj026 Tropicana12.tgc.kd.aj078 Tropicana12.tgc.kd.aj030

Blue Jays aficionado TS Tropicana loves to have a good time watching the Jays game with her toy boys, but when the last inning is finished, she likes to play with a bat and balls of her own. Hyper-feminine and super horny Tropicana is always ready to be the catcher or the pitcher! This time she displays her elegant body and we get some good closeups of her tender asshole. Tropicana insisted on giving extra attention to her cock and got so carried away with pleasuring herself – I think she forgot I was in the room. Completely naked and breathing heavily she blew a load and wound down for the day. It was a natural conclusion! Enjoy Tropicana! Have a good week from CANTG!

Jelena & Ray Bans

 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj001 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj032 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj031 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj063 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj104 JelenaHC4.tgc.kd.aj085

Horny TS Jelena gets stuffed like a salmon wellington by Ray Bans in this excellent bedroom hardcore. Jelena is enthusiastic about taking the cock. She pounces on Ray Bans like a hungry sexual predator and gobbles down every inch. Her hungry hole is fed in five positions as Ray Bans gets prepared to unload his infamous reserve on Jelena’s precious face. Of course, Jelena accepts the facial with humility and grace. In fact, she tells us she loves to ride the cock carousel and dine at the boner buffet!